Saturday, September 29, 2007


Yep, just moments after this shot Steve exclaimed, “We busted her cherry! Hundred miles an hour!”

It was the first time he has had his new Mustang GT convertible over 100 MPH, and man, did it ever sound good. It brought back the sixties and seventies oh so clearly! I loved it.

The last time I was over a hundred was when I had my ’93 Cobra, quickest little thing I ever owned. Got rubber in four of its five gears, and I had a witness!

Before that it was in a ’89 Mustang GT and a ‘69 Mustang, but the fastest top-ender I ever owned was a ’78 Trans Am, and we pegged her at 140! Click back in time to see them all HERE!

Friday was a beautiful day with clear blue skies, a late setting full moon, and a low-lying fog that crept off Walden Ridge to die a slow death in the morning sun down in the Harriman valley.

Steve and I met early, had breakfast at the Common Ground, egg croissant and coffee, before doing some manly shopping at Pep Boys, CompUSA, and Gander Mountain.

By then it was time to hit Wild Wings Café, which was his first time. The wings and Bass Ale was great sitting outside feeling the early fall breeze that carried our cigar smoke off to another county.

I passed this field, just about a half a mile from my house, and caught the color of Ironweed and Goldenrod beaming in the afternoon sun. All we need now is a frosty night and the trees will quickly jump on the fall color bandwagon. Come on fall!

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