Monday, September 03, 2007


Sunday was great…decent weather for setting outside most of the day enjoying family. Ketchup Boy” (a.k.a. Steve the Knight) was there and Ron gave him a gift to help remind him of his love for the red stuff. However, he would not wear the shirt; so, I put his head on a shot of the shirt! The things we won’t do to tease each other!

We believe in segregation – Dragons on one side and the Knights on another. Even at that, the Dragon noise drowns out our conversations! But, we lov’em!

I caught another “I’m about to stroke out" look on Judy’s face. Flash anticipation will kill a good photo every time! I decided a long candid shot might be best of the girls.

The cigars were from Gary this time…someone had given him a bunch of CAO samples and they were very good. I’m considering a box of them next time, if they are affordable - just a touch stouter than a Macanudo.

Of course, since it was our Labor Day celebration, I have to mention the food. The pictures are of what was left of burgers, macaroni salad, potato salad, baked beans, peach cobbler, and a blue berry cake. There was also homemade ice cream!

I think the desserts were what put me over the top! Until I found a Pepcid, I was rather miserable, and felt as wasted as the garbage can!

Hope everyone is having, or had, a wonderful holiday celebration (even if you live in another country).


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Looks like a good time. You guys know how to live, fer sure.

J said...

The food sounds awesome! I miss the days of getting together with family. I love reading about how you spend the time with yours!

Jayne said...

Sounds like a great time! Wish I'd have been there. (You never invite me to your parties, dammit.)


Alex said...

I'm making traditional saurkraut today, with brats an some spicy mustard. I didn't think about dessert, what with all the salivating going on once I smelled the kraut cooking.

Blueberry cake sounds @#$%ing awesome, though!

Happy Labour Day (as they call it here in the Socialist Republic of Canuckistan).

david mcmahon said...

Looks like you really enjoyed the long weekend. Good on you, Mushy.

BRUNO said...

I ain't man enough yet for the CAO's---I had a sampler of them, too. But I didn't like that extra "bite" to them, too much "robusto" there for me! I like Rocky Patel's, though, almost as smooth and sweet as the Mac's! I like to stick with the "wussy" strength...!

(When a cigar comparison becomes the high point of my day, I would say perhaps I need to take a nap, and try it again, huh?)

Mushy said...

Bruno - was the one you tried the Gold CAO? They are very close to the Mac!

Everyone is always welcome to Mushy's! However, they are not always at my place, so, we'd have to ask first!

Alex - I was told that was really a cobble too...looked like cake to me!

BRUNO said...

Point well taken! The CAO sampler I had was with the Brazilian-wrapper, and an Italia, with a Habano-wrapper indeed! I'm VERY partial to the Connecticut shade wrapper, myself. And I see where the CAO Gold is, indeed, with a Connecticut wrapper. But it ain't a whole bunch cheaper---which is good, in a manner of speaking.

(Damn, I've GOT to get back to my hobby/workshop---I'm startin' to sound like an old woman at a quilting bee...!)

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

You are never going to get a 22 inch waist at this rate, y'know!