Tuesday, September 25, 2007


What, another long weekend? Oh, I forget you all aren’t retired…all my weekends are seven days long! Sorry.

Well, here is a “FatHairyBastard” style weekend round up:

Anyway, started out Friday at Wild Wings with part of the Knights and Dragons, enjoying the “all you can eat” wing bar and cold beer. The Sierra Nevada pump was dry, so I went for the Bass, while Ron had another Skip Jack pulled, and Gary got his usual Miller Lite. The Dragons had a ball out on the deck while the Knights enjoyed a CAO cigar at the bar.

Saturday began at Neena and Ron’s for banana bread and coffee. Ron then took Terri to the lake for the promised short canoe and kayak trip. Getting in the canoe was somewhat rough on her bottom though. The algae slick boat ramp didn’t bode well with the Crocks she was wearing! I missed the first shot because I thought she had really hurt herself, but when I saw her laughing, I knew she only hurt her pride!

Her husband (Steve) sat in the back and did the stirring. You’ll also notice Gary in the Kayak…he had a shoulder and neck muscle that would spasm on him every few minutes and almost bring him to his knees. He figured the exercise would work that out, but he soon realized the paddling was doing him no good. They soon left and went straight to the emergency room where they gave him a shot to relax the muscle. I think he spent the rest of the day in bed!

Later, we met another Knight and Dragon at the local Mexican restaurant for beer, fun, and food. Steve and I took his Mustang and let the wind mess up our hair – right!

I included shots around the table, Terri/Steve, Linda/Noel, Ron/Neena, and finally Judy and me. Notice, she has her eyes open, but I think her mouth was full!

We later ended up on your back porch listening to tunes, smoking cigars, and drinking more beer! Everyone stayed until after nine, so we had a long fun day together.

Sunday, we had a biscuit from Hardees, and our granddaughter (Katie Bug) had pancakes. Katie used to spend every Friday night with us, but she has too many girl and boyfriends know to stay that often. This was an increasingly rare treat!

After lunch, I visited with my brother, who came in from Charlotte to visit our mother. One of his daughters came by with her husband and two daughters. It was a great weekend.


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yea, yea, rub it in.

I've been wonderin' what the hell you guys have been up to. Seems like I haven't gotten regular bulletins in a while. It always looks like Christmas when you guys get together.

That yellow boat looks like a kevlar canoe, in which case it is very tippy. Very light and easy to carry, but not as stable on flat water as a heavier ABS plastic one. The green or red ones in those old scanned shots from the Buffalo are ABS. Those white canoes we used in Canada in those Hogan Lake shots were kevlar. Scared me to death, they were so tippy. No keel, and too much twist. Got used to them by the time we were done.

Sounds like maybe Gary was using muscles he wasn't used to using, and they freaked out on him. That happens a lot with folks that don't paddle a lot. The double bladed paddles work on you even more weirdly than a single, if you're not used to them.

Damn, I wanna get you guys on the Buffalo so bad!

It all looks like a blast bud. Wish I could beam myself over there.

Steve's new ride looks sweet, but I bet he didn't let you get behind the wheel. See more and more of those around here all the time. Was drivin' home off the base last night and two soldiers zoomed past me like I was standin' still, weavin' through traffic, racing each other. Went from almost pissin' myself to thinkin' how cool they were. Thought about you and those winding East Tennessee roads.

Love to see you guys havin' fun. Give everyone a squeeze for me.

Mushy said...

Thanks for the read bud.

Gary was hurting before he started...he was hoping he could work it out paddling...didn't happen.

Steve don't let me drive it, but his wife did and burnt all the way up the drive! He never let me drive his straight shift 'cause he knew what would happen!

See ya.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Hi ya Mushy! You guys really look like you know how to have a goooood time! :) Just wondering...where's the Sierra Nevada in the beer picture?

Sarge Charlie said...

You got some great photos on the lake, where is that.

*Goddess* said...

Ok, I'll repeat it here now, "hey! I didn't recognize your wife with her eyes open":)

BRUNO said...

That's all right---I still had a good time, sittin' and "cigar'n"!

Thanks for lettin' me in to visit your friends and family---and, of course, to use the "facilities"....!

Chuck said...

You had me at "all you can eat wings"! LOL Damn, looks like a grand time. I wish I could have fun like that sometime...

pat houseworth said...

Hell I'm retired and working more than's that work?

Mushy said...

Olga - We are working through the 5 or 6 cases of Yuengling FatHairyBastard brought us a month ago. It has become our favorite, but until mid-October, you can't get it in Tennessee.

Sarge - That part of Watts Bar Lake about 5 miles below Kingston, TN.

Goddess - I told her no one would recognize her!

Bruno - Would love to get you on the back porch with us some time too!

Chuck - Next time you are in Knoxville, send me an email and we'll meet up there!

Pat - You're doing something wrong...all the work I do goes into hiking, twisting tops off beers, and pushing back from some table!

Thanks all for the visit...I love it!

Lin said...

What I wouldn't have given to take a canoe out with you guys. Mark and I really missed the float trips down the rivers in Bruno's neck of the woods.

Scott from Oregon said...

I like your idea of retired.

It seems to suit me.

WEll, except the bit with the cigars... cough cough...

tobacco smoke makes my eyes water and my nose run...

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Oh, and tell Terri that you haven't had the full canoing experience till you get wet. She's good to go from now on.

Becky said...

The kayaking pictures are pretty -- Tennessee has to be one of the most underrated areas I've ever been to.

J said...

It looks like you had a great time! I am glad that your granddaughter came to stay with you, I know how much fun that must've been.

As always, an enjoyable read. Can't wait until your next installment!!!

David Sullivan said...

Good stuff ;)

phlegmfatale said...

That looks like such a perfect place for caoneing - how FUN!

Kevin said...

Man, I can only hope my retirement is half as much fun as what I'm seeing on the pages of your blog, Mushy. You're squeezing every little bit you can out of life, and that is a great thing. Being able to share it with such good friends and family just makes it all the better.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Sneaky, puttin' Ron in there like that. Seamless. Still haven't tried anything like that with my system. need to sit down and read the book and play with it. Dyin' to try one of those merge things.

Mushy said...

How could you tell!

I tried to fit my big ass in there, but it was awkward so I gave up.