Monday, July 16, 2007


I probably do not remember much about my junior prom because it was not one of my greatest moments.

I have always loved being with “the guys” and doing what guys do, talking trash, drinking beer, camping or hiking, fishing, shooting, driving down new country roads, or just sitting around sucking on a cigar (well, it was cigarettes in those days) and enjoying the peace and quiet of the moment. So, I suppose this made me a bit independent with the ladies. I mean, women were just a lower priority in those days.

It was nothing for me to take a girl home in the middle of a date and then go either look up my male friends or continue the “double date” as a fun loving chauffer! I think I have already mentioned this, but once when a girl complained about me tapping the gas peddle around and around the Beacon, pretending my dad’s ’64 Pontiac had a racing cam, I took her home and drove Barry and his date around the rest of the evening! Sad, I know, but very indicative of the way I thought about life. If someone does not enjoy you the way you are, the hell with them or her. There are plenty of fish in the sea, I would think, and not worry about it in the least.

So it was on Junior Prom night in l963. Charlotte was a lovely little blond girl with a nice smile and pretty legs, best I remember. I can remember where she lived with her big brothers and how I worried about dragging something off the undercarriage going up her rocky drive way.

What I do not remember is what she did to piss me off!

Some time during the prom evening I simply left the prom without her! It must have been serious enough in my mind at least, but looking back it was a shameful event for which I never apologized.

I left with two other guys who were also fed up their dates. The decision was we could be having so much more fun driving the back roads to Wartburg and Oakdale with a six-pack of beer. So off we went, satisfied that we did not need a girl to make us happy.

All the girls at school thought we were awful pigs, but the guys, even though they would not say it in earshot of a girl, thought we were cool! It was all forgotten in a couple of weeks and we all started dating again – after all, most of the under classmen had not heard of our deed!

Senior year prom was an after thought for me. I knew the prom was coming, but really did not want to be bothered with fancy clothes, flowers, and the formality of such an event. However, once I learned that all my friends had dates, I decided I had better get one.

Now, I am not saying that Becky was all that was left, because she was not. Let us just say that Becky had not been asked before I came along. She was a very attractive brunette, with pointy glasses, a huge smile full of teeth, and a nice tall curvy body for a sophomore. I had noticed her before this and had considered asking her out, but never seemed to get around to it. So, I asked her to be my Senior Prom date, and she giggled her acceptance.

I remember mom insisted I bring her by the house before we went to the prom for pictures, which in those days was an old Brownie Hawkeye loaded with black and white Kodak film. As you can see, the photo is not the best in the world, but it serves to document that the event did occur.

I can remember arriving at the Cumberland Middle School gym, where the prom was scheduled. I remember a friend, Arty, was the organist in the evening’s band, all bands had organs in those days, and they were playing “The House of the Rising Sun!”

After this, my memory fades to black. I am left with only the memory of the night and that I did not leave her stranded. I remember taking her home and giving her one short kiss, which was enough to discover she had halitosis! It was our first and last date.


Fathairybastard said...

Man, I love these posts. I think the attitude you talk about, you and the other guys not caring what the girls thought, that there's a million of 'em out there, really illustrates the fact that you guys were secure in who you were back then, and confident. That confidence still seeps out of these pages. Love the hell out of that.

That one element is so critical to determining how your life will turn out, and the things you allow yourself to think are possible. Love the "Aw, Fuck it!" vibe that comes out in a lot of these old memories of yours. Wish I'd a been that confident back in my day. Maybe I would have had the balls to go to ether of my proms.

Rhea said...

Interesting. I thought all high school boys were into girls. I love her eyeglasses, by the way.

Suldog said...

That picture just screams "Sixties!"

Way cool.

BRUNO said...

I got banned from MY senior prom, for "behavioral-issues"......!

Just as well, though. I had another "prom" to attend, in a few short weeks, due to Uncle Sam's "behavioral-issues".....!

Mushy said...

We'll certainly want to hear about those issues in future posts Bruno!

Scott from Oregon said...

The vagina was prolly still just a vague idea back then...

I mean halitosis? Come on?

David Sullivan said...

I lost mine at a prom. I was a sophmore, she was a senior. No halitosis.


Alex said...

I don't remember a time in my life when women were a low priority. Then again, my sex drive hasn't diminished one little bit since I was 16 - everybody who said it would are big fat liars!

Jess said...

I didn't go to my junior or senior proms... I wish I had, so I'd have a memory to share with you... I don't remember what I did on those nights, but I was probably parked out in the woods somewhere doing something I shouldn't have been doing... Love this post!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Mushy,

Nice shot. By the way, I found Charlotte's blog - and she speaks very highly of you!

Nice to know the doc gave you the thumbs-up on the shoulder.

Keep smiling


Mushy said...


Mushy said...

Oh, that Charlotte! Pay no attention...she spins an evil web.

Mushy said...

I'm finding I get more comments on my "everyday life" than I do on these nostalgia pieces...should this tell me something?

phlegmfatale said...

Proms? Hell. I was the punk queen of my Sr prom, but everyone else there was a nightmare smear of pastels, posies and vodka breath. My leopard-print and red leather ensemble, on the other hand, was tasteful and a propos.

BRUNO said...

Don't worry, there'll be PLENTY more of "one-stand-escapades" later!

Sorry I threw-in that one-liner about Uncle Sam, in the earlier comment. I hadn't taken my daily allotment of "Dr. Feelgoods' Remedy" yet, I'll be less "vocal" in the future!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

We didn't call them "proms" over here back in my day (they do now), they were school "dances". I kinda overdid the perfume and hairspray on my first one, my date couldn't come within a three yard radious without sneezing mucus all over me.. sure was memorable.