Saturday, July 14, 2007


I spent half a day in Traffic Court on Friday, with about 100 other felons! There were actually 240 items on the docket due to the “domestic” judge being out of town. The single judge held dual purpose court! Several people elected to reschedule their court dates until August, September, and even October, but I stood firm (along the wall with about 20 other folks without seats) and soon we were down to about a 100 and they got on with the proceedings.

We heard about 6 divorces cases and one “she owes me money” case before us real felons got our day in court. All in all, it worked out well for me. I was the only one who stepped up and loudly, in my friendliest voice, said, “Good morning your honor…Officer,” shaking my head at the Tennessee Highway Patrolman who had so cleverly hidden behind the Sonic sign near the school zone!

What happened here Mushy (not his real name)? “I knew it was after 9AM sir, there were no children on the street, there were no parked cars, and I was the only vehicle on the street, so I elected to let my truck coast down rather than braking, your honor. It was my fault,” I confessed.

Normally, the offense would have cost me $186, plus court costs, but by sticking with the court date, and being extra courteous, I got off with $42 in court and $50 in traffic school costs. The class is two hours this Thursday evening. Hey, you do what you have to do for a $94 savings and nothing noted on your record!

Finally, the shoulder! The doctor says I’m fine, or will be fine, but I have another 6 weeks in physical therapy. The therapist says I will more than likely have some deficient, but I should have good range of motion that can be tolerated in my golf game!

Two of the shots shown give a hint to the amount of scare tissue that I developed in about 5 weeks after the first operation, and the scraping tool used to scrap off and suck up the removed tissue. As I’ve said, apparently I’m a super fast healer.

The third shot shows the big stitches holding the rotator cuff repair in place.

My advice to anyone contemplating shoulder surgery – don’t do it until you are on your knees crying in pain…live with it as long as you possibly can. Secondly, if you do have it, get to therapy as soon as possible…the next day if you can!


Fathairybastard said...

I was wonderin' about that court thing. Good boy. No need to explain goin' for drivers school. Done it a few times myself.

And thanks for the shoulder update. Glad to hear it's healing this time. Sounds like they got it right this time. So, how soon are you gonna go back and have them do the other one? Didn't you say before all this started that you were gonna have to do both?

Mushy said...

"...don’t do it until you are on your knees crying in pain…live with it as long as you possibly can." That goes for me too!

BRUNO said...

Perfect advice about ANY kind of joint proceedure, let alone shoulders!(At least NOW I have an "excuse"! But I'm afraid it ain't gonna fool Doc much longer, now!)

Traffic-school---Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Like Jerry Reeds' song: "90 days, son! When you HOT, you HOT....!"

Kevin said...

Last ticket I got was over $200. I was 18 the last time I got a ticket under $100. I can't really tell what I'm looking at in those pictures, but I'm glad the shoulder's healing up well.

Mushy said...

Bring me beer in jail Bruno!

Kevin - I'm thinking the doc couldn't tell either!

alphonsedamoose said...

Glad to hear the shoulder is healing Mushy. Back to golf in no time.

Jose said...

Traffic school, been there, done that. Once I was supposed to got o school for eight hours, that's like a whole day right. So I found a school very near my home in a secluded place, I went there and no one was there, I waited for half an hour after the scheduled time and finally some people started to come in, finally after about an hour or the class finally stated. "Are there any new studends here today?" the isntructor asked, I raised my hand and told him I got a ticket for stopping at an intersection while riding my bike because even though I fully stopped I never put my feet down on the pavement. This was done right in front of my house on a desolated street, and yet some motorcycle cop spotted me. The whole class started laughing while saying "send him home". Turns out they were all there doing hundreds of hours in traffic school because they were all DUI offenders. So there, I did one hour instead of eight.

Kuanyin said...

Hey, happy to hear you're healing. Thanx for visiting and leaving a comment although I don't know what ya mean. A cruise by you is ok with me whatever you mean.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Yikes Mushy, I haven't had my breakfast yet, y'know!! Thank God you're finally on the mend, it must be a huge relief, eh? We don't have driver's classes here.. you just automatically get fined and points knocked off your licence.. too many points, and it gets taken away for a year or so. I've been lucky so far, the cops usually let me off with a caution (smile).

phlegmfatale said...

good on you with the traffic court thingie. Polite always wins the race.

Ew, love the medical pics! It's funny how it looks all cottony, isn't it?