Saturday, June 09, 2007


I’m posting this because I get a load of hits from Google on the subject of shoulder surgery, and the facts need to be presented.

Friday at physical therapy I found out that my shoulder is most likely “frozen” (adhesive capsulitis) and, that unless I have another short surgical procedure, my range of motion will most likely not get any greater! I came home depressed and almost in tears telling my wife the details. I’m just about over the pain and duration of this experience!

The surgical intervention (as it’s called) is aimed at stretching or releasing the contracted joint capsule of the shoulder. The most common methods include manipulation under anesthesia and shoulder arthroscopy:

- Manipulation under anesthesia involves putting the patient to sleep and "manipulating" or forcing the shoulder to move. This process causes the capsule to stretch or tear. (Basically, this is like breaking your nose, finger, or toe to reset it! Ouch!)
- With shoulder arthroscopy, the surgeon makes several small incisions around the shoulder. A small camera and instruments are inserted through the incisions. They are used to cut through the tight portions of the joint capsule.

From what I’ve read people over 60 and with diabetes are very susceptible – I’m 61 and have Type II diabetes!

I found some comfort in learning that the great majority of people recover their motion over a period of a year, but most will always have less than they previously had.


The In-Sect said...

Sad to hear that, Mushy. My mother has a 'frozen' shoulder too - I think this can hurt really bad. She experienced many nights without a bag of sleep - and the pills make you a little dull, don't they?
I hope you'll recover soon - at least it's not teminal ;-)

BRUNO said...

I was kinda afraid it would "freeze", when you told us about the decision to have the proceedure done. But I didn't want to be the "wet-blanket", and besides, there's always the chance to make it better.(Besides, you wouldn't have paid me any mind, anyway---which is GOOD!!!) Kinda why I'm fightin' this arthritis for as long as I can possibly make these joints move. I just gotta be careful, and not "overkill" my pain meds! Type 2 diabetes---me, too! At the moment, diet-controlled, though. Still better than Type 1, by ANY yardstick! But, hell, don't give-up now---the rest is all downhill, you hopefully won't get any worse, with even the minimum of daily excercise of the affected joint, as long as you DON'T GIVE-UP ON YOURSELF!

Why didn't I just write you a freakin' letter....!

Marie said...

I'm awfully sorry, Mushy. I hope you make the right decision for your treatment.

Fathairybastard said...

I've been wondering for a while, and wanted to ask how it was going. Sorry to hear that it isn't working out the way yopu hoped. I'm also Type-2, and take a few pills a day. Damn, I'm sorry about this. I sure hope I never have to go through it. The "manipulation" while you're under sounds like the better option to me, but that's not saying much. At least you'd be out of it while they did it, but then you'd have to wake up, wouldn't you? Sorry bud.

Scott from Oregon said...

Momma says- "Gettin' old is easy, it sort of comes naturally. Toleratin' it is the hard part..."

I was born a rather stiff SOB so I know what range of motion issues are like...

Les Becker said...

Ummm... "people over 60 with diabetes are susceptible..." Do you mean to the frozen shoulder, or do you mean something bad with the surgery to fix the frozen shoulder? Like, how worried am I supposed to be, here, Mushy (Granted, it's a refreshing change to worry over you, rather than my own stupid life, so I really ought to be thanking you. Sort of. So.... thanks.)?

*Goddess* said...

Sorry to hear about this. It's really hard to deal with physical limitations when you've been able to do everything in the past.

BTW, someone just told my husband that he began drinking 2 tblspoons of apple cider vinegar in warm water, am and pm, and after six months of this, along with his diet adjustment, he's off of insulin. My fasting b.s. was starting into triple digits, so I'm doing it myself to see if it helps.

david mcmahon said...

Mushy, my good mate

(That's high praise, from an Aussie!) I'm sorry to hear that the doctor's pognosis had such an effect.

Can I just say that the surgery is a better option than spending the rest of your life battling the pain.

I'm not trying to trivialise your issue, just putting it in perspective.

We need to have that pizza soon.

Cheer up buddy

Keep smiling


Mushy said...

A am touched by all the comments and well wishes...that's what blogging is all about...having new friends to worry for and about.

Thanks guys and gals, you are wonderful.

I actually met some local bloggers in person tonight and it was a terrific time. More on that later.

Bruno...if you stepped foot in Vietnam and have Type II there is at least $210 monthly you are entitled to. I get it and am not ashamed to take it. We earned it.

If you don't already know about it, send me an email and we will discuss it my friend.

I'm so proud to be a "good mate" and accept it with honor - thanks!

Ron Southern said...

Shiver. Gives me the creeps. But I've already surmised that you are more mobile than I am, so I won't wax on about it.

Anonymous said...

Mushy, you might want to try acupuncture for your shoulder. There's an acupuncturist near my home. He has a list on the window of all the ailments he treats, frozen shoulder being one of them.

I've never had acupuncture but I've witnessed the results and it was amazing.

Mel said...

I know about limitations because of health, sorry you didnt get better news! I hope for the best for you.

BRUNO said...

Yep, I already know about it, Mush!

(What'cha think I'm buyin' my "Monthly-Macs" with???! Might be "coffee-money", but "Macanudo-Money" is good, too!!!)

Thanks for "thinkin'" for me, just in case...!

PelNet Solutions, LLC. said...


I am presently typing with one hand because I had shoulder surgery again last week. This makes number six for me in as many years not including one manipulation somewhere along the way. The manipulation was not bad at all actually. I think the only reason they put you to sleep for the procedure is because of the popping and tearing noises it makes when being done. After the manipulation, I was sore for a few days but nothing more than maybe the same feeling of doing too much on a weekend in the yard or something.

I had a arthroscope done two weeks ago to shoot dye into my shoulder joints before having a MRI, bilatterally. Those are no fun, honest. When the technician hits bone with the needle used during the procedure, they then try to wedge a needle between your shoulder joint and the bone to inject dye or in your case to loosen a joint due to stiffness. Needless to say, my ass bit new button holes in their table cushion.

I am 37 years old and abused my body and shoulders too much for Uncle Sam during Desert Storm I think. At least I made it home safe, unlike so many others so I do not complain about the cards I have been dealt, I just keep playing not to win, just to break even........

Feel free to contact me if you want to talk or would like more information. I will help you if I can my friend.....

John Pellegrin
Baton Rouge, LA.

ehealth city said...

I too had a shoulder arthroscopy last year. After surgery now, I am feeling good.Thanks for sharing.