Sunday, June 17, 2007


Skipper Gary took two of the Dragons and me out on the lake Saturday. It was a beautiful day with the temperature around 90, but with low humidity! We circled Sand Island, which is similar to California’s Copper Canyon around this part of Watts Bar Lake, in East Tennessee. However, there is much less nudity – darn it!

There were not too many boats there today, but on a holiday you can barely find a spot to beach, and you could probably walk around the island, from boat to boat, without getting you feet wet!

Most boats prefer to just anchor outside the main flotilla and eye the sights with binoculars anyway! The merge shot at top is of the south side, while the one at the bottom is off the north side.

We have a couple of coves that we love to pull up into and float around letting time pass as slowly as possible. This particular one is where we plan on spending the 4th of July this year. The bottom is sandy with few rocks, it is almost hidden from the main channel, there seems to be a breeze most of the time, and there is plenty of beach space to set up our grill and lawn chairs.

I love the old silos that still stick up out of the lake indicating where old farms were located before Watts Bar Damn was built. There are lots of little islands, like this one with an old abandon duck blind and trees full of Cormorants.

Bald Eagle and Osprey nests can be seen up and down the lake, and in the springtime you can see little heads bobbing up and down taking food from their parent’s mouth.

I love it!


Fathairybastard said...

Looks like huge fun. Assume you avoided getting wet, due to the sholder and rib. Good boy, thought I bet it was a bummer. They'll fix you man, and you'll be dangerous again in no time.

Those barge boats are a lot of fun. We rented one in Arkansas one year and had a great time. All of our lakes are 25 to 30 feet above normal levels now, due to all this rain we've had in the last month. The tubing down in New Brunsfils should be excellent this year, with the water being let out of the lake, and folks throwing jellow shots to the college girls for lifting their tops. I'll try to get a few pictures for ya this time. Here's hopin'.

Mel said...

I can see why you love it!! Its looks so nice!

I love that silo picture, its kinda freaky to me know there were towns under some lakes.

Les Becker said...

I have to agree that those silos are really neat. Can you see other things down under the water? That would be a place I'd love to spend a day or two.

Mushy said...

Les - No. The wood structures are all gone, but it you could dive there, and if the water wasn't too merky, you could still see the rock or concrete foundations.

All else is gone.

BRUNO said...

Man, ain't nothin' relaxes a fella more than a lake, a cool drink, and, of course, a good cigar!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Mushy,

Absolutely idyllic. Nothing else need be said.

Hope you had a great weekend.



Kevin said...

Very pretty. I love seeing lakes like that, with trees right down to the waterline. Thats how they should be. Been to Havasu a few times - and Copper Canyon - but chilling on a lake out in the middle of the desert is just not the same. My parents live in Georgia, and I've had the opportunity to get out on Lake Allatoona, and that's great too...

Jose said...

We are planning on going to Rocky Point, Mexico next weekend and this pictures are like a preview of what awaits us. Of course Rocky Point is by the sea not a lake but the effect is sorta the same.

I have this new "used" lap top that is so different from our desk top computer. Looking at your pictures, if I stare long enough it feels like the water starts to move and sway and the clarity is just awesome. Wish I could join you next 4th of July but since I can't just have fun for me.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Ahhhh - and what's not to love? You lead an idyllic life, my friend!

phlegmfatale said...

Wow - awesome photos from the lake. Your blog always reminds me how easy it is to fall in love with Tennessee.

Mushy said...

I do, I do enjoy God's blessings - undeserved, but that's what grace is all about I suppose.

Tennessee is wonderful - at least East Tennessee is!