Sunday, April 15, 2007


It had been sometime since any of us Knights had been to Bailey’s Sports Grille. So we took the opportunity for being in Knoxville, first to have the orthopedic clinic check out the finger he hurt playing basketball, and to have his oil vehicle’s oil changed to drop in for some “serious fun!

Technically, Corey is not a Knight since he has not declared his wife a dragon, but he will graduate someday! We always do!

Angelia was our waitress, and comes close to being our “Carla” as anyone since she does remember, most times, that we like Sierra Nevada on draft, and that Corey drinks at least a gallon of iced tea! She is very friendly and remembers to ask about any of our latest vacation adventures. We like to be treated as friends and not customers.

If you pop over to Mushy’s Cookings you will see our lunch selections for the day!

I have to point out that the wings were not good at all on Thursday. They were either dry or freezer burnt, and Angela encouraged me to discuss them with the manager. He volunteered to take them off my bill, although I was willing to pay. Bailey’s management does a great job at public relations and everyone appreciates them for it. I guarantee that if I get wings the next time, they will be juicy like they normally are!

Afterwards, Corey and I enjoyed a Cohiba while Ron puffed the usual Macanudo Maduro. Ron won the “look at the ash on that thing” contest!


Les Becker said...

You guys look like way too much fun...

Tish said...

Looks like you had a fun time! :) It has been a while since I've been to Bailey's. Maybe I'll check it out again soon!

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Ah, I'm envious! Great pic's, too.

Thanks for that Superstition clip, from your last posting, wonderful treat. I'll let my eldest view it (quite a finger-picker, in his own right).

BRUNO said...

That reminds me! Time for a good $10.00 cigar! (I've still got 2 Macanudos left in my "trophy-case"! Looks like I need to order-up some more! Just a few, you know! Summer nights get long, at times! That is, if summer ever makes it here...!

Fathairybastard said...

Looks like you guys are dressed for winter. More of that global warming? Nothing like hot wings, booze and cigs to shake the chill off. Good times.