Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Four of us (2 Dragons and 2 Knights) walked along the Sequoia Hills section of the Knoxville Dogwood Arts Trail today. The frost we have had the past three nights had burnt some of the flowers that were there a week ago, but there was still plenty to see. The homes along this area down near the beginnings of the Tennessee River are beautiful. Some have been there for years, some are new, and some are being renovated.

If you are somebody in Knoxville, you would probably want to live along this street, or at least on one of the nearby streets. Old money lives not too far from this area, and unless you are of “old money” you probably will not find anything available.

Not far up stream from here is the “downtown” area of Knoxville, Tennessee, and the marina where the “VOL Navy” anchors and parties during UT football games in the fall.

Running through the center of Sequoia Hills street is a running/walking path, and right in the center is an old Indian Burial Mound. There are also two or three little parks and other grassy areas near the river. You can find people playing Frisbee, running with their dogs, or just laying in the grass most days.

After a good loop walk, down Sequoia and then back down by the river, we left, went to the Riverside Tavern and had a wonderful lunch. It was a good day – a good day to be retired.

See more about the wonderful lunch we had, go over to Mushy’s Cookings.


Miss Trashahassee said...

Great post!

We're ready for spring and hope this cold weather is gone soon! We had SLEET on Easter morning. SLEET IN FLORIDA!!!!!!!! ON EASTER!!!!!!

Miss T

Fathairybastard said...

Nice. Cool old houses. Plantation houses, or just manner houses? yep, after snow on Saturday and sunday, it'd gonna be 80 tomorrow. Nice shots.

Fathairybastard said...

Ok, after looking at the other shots on Flickr I see that the houses are not THAT old. Very cool though.

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Ah, Mushy,

Sounds like you had a blissful day. I enjoyed the virtual walkthrough! (Now, if you could only do the same for me, by letting your camera loose INSIDE some of those grand old buildings, I'd be a very happy bunny, indeed.)

*Goddess* said...

Everything looks so nice and GREEN down there already. I'm jealous!

BRUNO said...

Definitely better color "down there" than "up here"! Almost 95% of my trees are BLACK! And the apple and peach orchards---don't even ask! And it remains to be seen just how much of the wheat crop 'round here was hurt. But I've noticed that my stand of Johnson-grass in the "lower 40" seems to be growing quite well, however...!

Kuanyin said...

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L said...

great pics, by the way

Alex said...

Nothing like the crystal green (?) waters of a Tennessee lake. lol

Other than the swimmer's itch, it looks very pretty.

Laurie said...

Beautiful pics. Makes me pine for spring. Sigh.

Suldog said...

God, Mushy, that is sooooo lovely and it's freakin' hailstorm time here in New England. Ugh. Want a border for a couple weeks?