Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Tonight I have a guest post - my sister-in-law (A.K.A. Dragon 5 (see below)) who was part of a hiking team today. I can’t believe they went without me, but I had two doctor’s appointments (one for me and one for my dog) and couldn’t make the hike or the frivolity that followed! Anyway, you’ll see that us Knights live with some crazy broads, who have more fun than should be allowed, and whom we love dearly.

See writes:

Okay, Okay, this duck enters a bar & orders a beer;
The bartender says, "that'll be $3;"
The duck says, "put it on my bill."

Get it? Put it on my bill. hahahahahaha

Okay, seriously folks - my husband Ron (who I will refer to as Ron hereafter), two of my sisters Judy & Terri, & I went on a 4 mile hike at Frozen Head State Park & Natural Area (shaking my cigar like Groucho Marx - there's nothing natural about this bunch). We chose an absolutely perfect spring day to view the wildflower offerings.
We decided to hike South Old Mac & Judge Branch Trails. Shortly after embarking on this 2 1/2 hour trek, we came upon a 3-foot black rat snake, sunning himself on a rock. We had stopped to admire the crested dwarf iris when Ron (my husband) spied the snake. Luckily, he only laid on the rock & didn't bother us so we took off immediately (the snake, not Ron). My two sisters decided the snake was better than a rat but if it was a rat snake guess what was on his breath, girls. We continued on our path enjoying May apples, several varieties of violets, squawroot, fiddlehead ferns, and several varieties of trillium, creeping phlox, wild geranium, jack-in-the-pulpit, deer shit, & various fungi.

The park was fairly empty on this beautiful Monday, which was fortunate since my sisters & I enjoy a good laugh quite often. Our biggest laugh came when Terri was fording a creek, slipped off a rock & plunged both feet into the icy water. She was wearing waterproof boots but they weren't very tall (the boots, not Terri who is not tall either). Terri likes to think she is a seasoned hiker but she's all wet. After the unfortunate incident in the creek, I had to give up my extra pair of dry socks so Terri would be comfortable the rest of the hike.

All along both sides of the trail, the wildflowers were blooming riotously. Spring this year has been beautiful in Tennessee. This is my first spring being retired - maybe that's why everything is beautiful. Oh God, now I have to break into song. “Everything is beautiful in it's own way...”

Ron taught us a lot today about the different species of flowers & how to walk with bended knees, kinda bouncy down hills to ease the strain on our knees. Of course, Judy had to exaggerate this new walk, which was quite attractive from behind.

As a reward for this long hike, we convened at the Mexican Restaurant in Harriman for beers, enchiladas, chips, salsa, burritos, rice, and refried beans (delicious).

Today's hike was a prelim to another hike we are taking on Friday at Big South Fork. I hope this hike will be as beautiful as the one we took today.


Seated on the rocks (from L to R) are three of the five Dragons (Dragon 5 (Neena the author), Dragon 2 (my wife Judy), and Dragon 4 (Terri).


Fathairybastard said...

Nice post. Can't imagine them ditchin' ya like that, and the dog too. Sheesh. Bet it was a beutiful walk. Nice day for it. When's the wife gonna do a guest spot? Train 'em now so that when you go in for the other sholder, they'll take over this thing and you'll be shunted off to post funny tid bits on the silverbacks.

Kuanyin said...

I'm glad you're feeling bettah! Last time I checked up on ya, you were recuperating! Now don't ya go getting all paranoid on me, I certainly wasn't referencing you for your blog is full of life and spirit and fun! Mahalo for making a comment...I've seen you pass by, but you haven't commented in awhile. You make me smile, so don't be shy with your comments.

Les Becker said...

Argh! Up here we're looking at drizzle, cold and rain (and they keep threatening us with more snow), and there are all those Dragon Ladies in shorts and their shirtsleeves. Life is so unfair.

Becky said...

No matter how much hiking you do, wet feet will get you every time. Looks like a fun time!

BRUNO said...

Only time you'll find a "mean" black snake is when they're sheddin' their hides! Otherwise, they'll run from YOU! Although they do a very good job of STINKING! I don't "hang" with 'em, but I won't kill one on purpose, either. Now, those copperheads, they're on my "list"! They like to sit, and wait on you! On more than one occasion, I've found one curled-up under an idling chainsaw, they like the warmth, and the "vibes" turn 'em on!

Don't ask why I'M telling YOU this! My way of having an excuse to "pass-thru"!

Mushy said...

I hate copperheads too, met one standing and waiting once too. I didn't know about the chainsaw deal though.

See, your visit was worth the drive by after all.


BRUNO said...

Always worth the drive! I get a FREE tank of gas with every stop!

And I thank YOU!

phlegmfatale said...

Wow - more beautiful photos, and I love the one of the dragons 3. Great post!