Thursday, November 09, 2006


What does it take, what prize do you desire to keep you going? What is the bottom line, what is it you seek? Does it glitter, or does it just answer you back? Nothing, is it nothing more than that? Does it take so little or so much?

Truthfully, it takes so little to keep us all going. Just a grain of attention, a drop of perceived affection is all it takes to lead us on.

I once had a little white dog whose name nobody remembers, that would jump upon the couch where I stood and allow me to throw it to the floor time and time again - just to be touched, just to be held that moment before release.

Sometimes we are all like that little dog – we just want another moment of someone’s awareness to nourish our desires at any cost, and then we jump back onto the couch. As these trees with twisted roots, we hang on, thriving on just the smallest bit of nourishment.

However, when we have to give so much with so little in return, we grow gnarled and tangled, living in the unhappiness of our lives. Even if the problem is removed we remain changed inside forever, even if our outward appearance is a disguise.

Unlike these trees, we have the ability to foresee our destiny when first we try to grow in certain situations, if we only had the will to make the change. If we find the will, then we must fill in life’s scarring with the fresh dirt of promise, hope, and love so that we do not become an obstacle to others.


Jose said...

Unlike those trees we have the ability to make choices, the better our choices the less tangled our roots will grow.

One day at a time, is all I ask for. The strenght to live one day at a time and live it to the fullest.

jan said...

I think life is a process of daily changes that we should make with full awareness of why we make those changes.

Bruno said...

And sometimes, those choices are forced upon us, requiring us to make that split-second decision: Can you, will you, be able to live with that choice later in your life? Not as eloquent as yours, Mushy! But maybe you can find a tiny-bit of "wisdom from days' past" in there somewhere!

DirtCrashr said...

99% of what people want is attention, it's an easy gift that gives back.

EC said...

See for me, I have a desire... that I will do anything to attain. I want to own my own house. I will do anything, give anything, make my choices simply based on that fact. I'm not a person who can think in broader terms, like what is the meaning of life... I want real tangible things, and I'd do anything (legal of course, lol) to get them.

Fathairybastard said...

Nature finds a way, somebody said. I see those tree root systems along the Buffalo, where the tree has grown up on the edge of the river and the roots have twisted around lots of river rocks. As the river changes it's path, the trees are swept into the river and the roots are upturned for everyone to see. They can be very unusual looking. I try to keep my roots covered, 'cause people suck, generally, and they can't be trusted to leave the damn rocks alone.