Friday, November 03, 2006


I see the yellow leaves of the beech tree to my left, the red-orange dogwood, the orange of the oak, the green of the pines, and finally the mirrored sheen of the lake etched by a fall breeze, and the ripple made by the gentle touch of the Egret’s wing as I pan the view before me. There is a white arrow streak from a northbound jet and Billy Powell runs the keys to “Tuesday’s Gone” in time with the wind rustling the leaves around me. I sip my George and Coke, toke my Ashton, exhale, breathe the cool autumn air, and feel secure in my little world.

In the distance a chest thumping sound takes me back to Southeast Asia and awakens me from my contentment. Life Star is coming from UT Knoxville to pick up someone at the Harriman Hospital - the weekend has started early.

Silently I pray, “God, why am I so blessed? Thank you, but please be with whoever they are going after, and their family.”

For those of you that cannot understand “sipping” and “praying” in the same thought, I pray for you too.


Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Oh, I understand “sipping” and “praying.” Jesus turned water into wine for a reason. Some of my best prayers spring unbidden into my brian after a glass of wine.

Now I'm going to look at your pics.

Bruno said...

I can't add anything new here. I just wanted to say that I think you've pretty much covered the moment. No one's guaranteed tommorrow, let alone the next second.

Goddess said...

I thought I was the only oddball who did stuff like that. If I see someone's car broken down along the highway, I always think, "Send someone to help them, Lord"........and then I drive on knowing full well it's not me, little Miss "How do I know which battery clamp goes where?!"

jan said...

I don't see any contradiction. Fermentation is a natural process. Praying is a natural act.

Anonymous said...

I understand.

Fathairybastard said...

I think that every time I see one of those care flights, or and ambulance rushing somewhere. Been there, with them rushing dad to the hospital years ago when he had his heart attack. You hear the sound of the rotors and get pangs about all the guys who didn't get to come back and think you owe them something in living a good life. Seems like you've done it. Relax man. Chill.