Sunday, November 12, 2006


“The past is another country, they do things differently there.”
From The Go-Between, by L. P. Hartley

My wife sometimes complains about the time I spend composing, posting, and reading blogs. So, I gave up BlogExplosion wagering – that alone cut my computer time in half! I think she does not like the fact that I seem to dwell on the past in what I write the majority of the time, but I think it is fine as long as you do not stay there too long.

We learn a lot about ourselves from history – why and what we fear, like or hate, or even why we need or love others. I am not looking for any of that, because I have already gathered those things from my life. I just hope some of the lessons I have learned rub off on others without them having to do the hard time.

But because I have already been to that other country, I do not have to spend much time in the there myself; just dash in quickly, grab what I need, and dash out and document what I brought back.

The past really is a different place and though it may sound at times like I would rather be there than here, it is not true. Here is the best place to be – right here with you in the good old now!

The “now” is where we can spend time and really see, hear, smell, touch, and sometimes taste each other. While memories can conjure visions from that other country, they are not real. “Now” is real – appreciate it fully before it becomes the past.


Marie said...

I think as we get older (ahem) we dwell on memories more - not that there's anything wrong with that.

One thing I like about Blog Explosion battles (and I don't do them anymore because they made them cost too many credits) is that it increases the reader base.

I know you don't want to get crazy about chasing more and more readers, but that's how I found your blog! So it's good if you don't obsess to get the blog some exposure so more people can enjoy it.

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

That was my sermon for today. Most enjoyable. Now I don't have to go to church - not that I would have. :)

Goddess said...

OMG! You gave up BlogExplosion?!

Hey, that's a nice pic. Where was it taken?

Fathairybastard said...

Mmmm, nice shot. One of the pics from the trip to New England? Sent out on the porch to smoke? The expression on your face kinda looks like somebody farted.

Someone said that "the past is prolog". We'd be dumb not to check it out now and then, but it's no place to live. I think people who dwell there too much are avoiding the present. Maybe the past was more fun for them, or the present too complicated. I find the memories sad usually, remembering those who are no longer around, missing them terribly, so I go to other pasts that maybe never happened and think about what should have been.

bozette said...

I agree that the now is the best place to be.
You always learn new things every day.
It makes you a better person.
So the now is where I will stay.
FYI I am a cigar smoker also. I know thats sounds funny coming from a Lady but it is very relaxing to me.
I do like a real good cigar once in a while.
We have a traveling humidor for our trucks.

Mushy said...

Marie - I still do Blog Rocket, but since my post about being a "traffic whore" I haven't challenged anyone, but I will vote for someone I like sometimes.

Pat - Thanks! I too quit organized religion years back and now enjoy quite faith and am much happier.

Goddess - I can't believe you didn't know that - I posted about it - just proves you just look at the pictures!
The picture was taken by my wife on our balcony aboard the Glory on a cruise in '03, somewhere near St. Thomas.

FHB - Nope...on a cruise with Carnaval.

Bozette - You are my kind of woman! I love a good maduro Macanudo about once a week. The only reason I get a balcony when we cruise is to toke my Mac! I'm like Bill Clinton, I don't inhale, but I like my cigars properly prepared!

Michele said...

Very good post! I post about the past sometimes, bringing up funny stories about my raisings,,,most of the time they relate to the 'now' in raising the two g/kids!

Bruno said...

The past is, indeed, a different type of place. Where else could something like it, be responsible for your present, and future, at the same time? But that's just MY opinion.....

Jose said...

I think the more you remember and learn from your past will make for a better more enjoyable present. I too enjoy a cigar now and then.

EC said...

I really liked that, it sounds as if you don't need the past at all, that you are happy and content in the future... exactly where I want to be one day :-)

Tisha! said...

You're so right that "the past really is a different place" - who I was is not who I am and not who I will be.

Thanks for coming by my blog and the compliments!

Hope to cross paths again very soon.


Mel said...

Here you are! I wondered where you have been :) I agree about living for now but its nice to stroll down memory lane.

DirtCrashr said...

My wife gets on my case for the time spent blogging because it is the "other" - and so it is another country. The Past also being that which we need to learn from to avoid repeating, offers many lessons - so time spent there should be focused in that mode rather than on the dreary or regretful. I like an Arturo Fuentes now and then, the Hemingway series.

Jose said...

In South Central L.A. where I grew up a "Shoot Fest" had an entierly different meaning.

Becky said...

I have to agree with you that I do think the past is a good place to spend some time, if only to learn from it, but it's not healthy to spend all of our time there.

Kuanyin said...

Oh Mushy! You live! Now! Wow! Missed ya!

Goddess said...

Oh I read. I just don't!

phlegmfatale said...

I totally agree that the now is a place to strive to stay in, but I also think that the trickery of memory conspires to make us lose much of the experiences that shaped us in life, and it's good to take a minute to remember things when they come rushing back. Yeah, it's easy to overdo it, but it seems as though you and your wife are very active and get out of the house to go places and do things, so it doesn't sound like you've lost yourself to blogateria. Of course, anything done to excess can be destructive.
I still think although in a different way, this is a great way of experiencing the community spirit. I feel better about life and other people in general since I've begun blogging.