Wednesday, September 06, 2006


My wife and I took my mom to Applewood Farms today so she could make Thanksgiving reservations for herself, her brother, and sister-in-law. If you’re not on the books, you don’t get in on Thanksgiving! Most any other time you can walk right in!

The bargaining chip she used to lure me away from the computer was homemade fried apple pies and ice cream – it worked. You can tell just how much the little 90 pound woman loves her pie and ice cream! More on the food there at Mushy's Cookings.

There are members of our family that drive from Florence, AL all the way to Pigeon Forge, TN (home of Dollywood!) just for pie and ice cream. While it was delicious, I’m not sure I’d drive that far just for a taste.

We actually had a wonderful day walking the Applewood grounds and shopping at the Tanger 5 Oaks outlet stores. I picked up the most goodies myself!

It’s good to spend time with your little mum!


Fathairybastard said...

I bet she'd beat your ass for putting that picture on the web. I know my mom would. Naughty boy.

Mushy said...

It would not be the first time!

As innocent as she appears, I've felt her rath many times. She could put the fear of God into you by just shaking her little fist at you and gritting her teeth in displeasure.

It would be deemed abuse by most standards today, but I never got out of line and I love her for it. I am what I am today because of this little woman!

Too bad not enough moms beat that kind of fear into children of today.

Fathairybastard said...

Very true man. These kids aren't scared. There's no tellin' what kind of shit I'd have gotten into if I wasn't worried about what that woman would do to me, and then what dad would do. Domino effect.

Alisa said...

My great grandmother (all four feet nine inches of her) ruled her household and so it was with all her daughters (although they managed to hit five feet for the most part).

It's a cute picture :) Hopefully she won't beat you too bad for it, especially since you had such a nice day together.

phlegmfatale said...

Your mom is adorable - good for her for enjoying her pie--it obviously hasn't hurt her girlish figure--and good for you for taking her there. Cheers!

Mushy said...

Alisa - she's over beating me, and we're both glad. She will be 80 in October and after knee replacement, is getting around pretty well still.

Phlegm - unlike her sons, she can't seem to gain weight and yet, still watches her diet. Go figure.

Dana said...

We didn't get to eat there, but we did go to Carver's Orchard while we were in town on vacation last July and had some of their apple fritters. Yummm!

I miss the Smokies.