Tuesday, June 27, 2006



In our children we live on and on…

The seed is the hope for everything that lives
Planted to become the second chance for all
We each live out our cycle the best we can
Then bloom again to taste life anew

Like the tree that grows to maturity
Then drops a part of itself to the ground
Locked inside is all its hopes for tomorrow
With the dreams of yesterday continuing on

So live my little one
Live on for me
Live each day
Feel it all
Miss nothing
We aren’t promised tomorrow except
In the life we pass on to one such as you
Live and let live
Grow old gracefully with the knowledge
That you’ll live again in one such as you


Goddess said...

Wow, I love your template. Did you design the header yourself? That's great!

Mushy said...

Thanks for the comment Goddess, no Alley Cat Designs ( did it for me and she's great. It was done before I knew it and did look great.

I did do the header, but she enhanced it for me with the sun affect.

Love your blog.