Thursday, June 22, 2006


DISCLAIMER: This will not become a movie review blog! God knows we have enough of them.

Well, my wife and I saw the Da Vinci Code this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it as a “film”. Neither our religion nor our faiths were threatened by the fictional premise presented by Dan Brown. Even if Jesus was married, it would not remove what we believe he did for us from our faith. If you have been afraid to see the movie, fearing it would somehow change you – it will not – unless you believe the fiction to be truth.

Sit back and enjoy the mystery riddled treasure hunt and all the action it involves. After all, as Dr. Robert Langdon says in the movie “Why is it divine or human? Can't human be divine?”

The real thought I want to leave you with is THINK FOR YOURSELF!

The next time you want to do some thought provoking reading, why not look into some of the books/gospels that were not chosen to be included in today’s religious canons - for example, the book of Enoch, the Gospel of Mary (Magdalene), or the “Infancy Gospel of Thomas” that opens with a story about five-year-old Jesus making twelve sparrows out of mud. He claps his hands; they come to life and fly away, to name just three. Did these things really happen? Should we accept them on faith as easily as the canonized books?

There are many more books to choose from than you might think! Did you know there are 11 additional books in the Catholic bible (the Apocrypha) – what information do they hold?

There are other writings called the Gnostic Gospels that may hold more insight into the heavenly realm(s), Jesus’ life and personality, the “end time” prophecy, the birth of Mary, etc.

I think a broader look at the whole subject is in order to provide the deepest understanding of individual faith. Don’t just accept what has always been feed to you as the truth – prove it! Why are you a Baptist or a Catholic? Why are you a democrat or republican? Do you even know what truths these thoughts are based on? Never stop searching for the truth.

Now, my final rant on the subject of movies! Why do I have to set through television commercials in a movie theater for God’s sake? There were at least 3 TV commercials promoting upcoming “made for TV movies”! I go to the movie to get away from commercials, especially TV commercials. Whose idea was this? I suppose that’s what America gets for allowing networks and movie companies to buy each other!

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